19 Januar 2010

What's new in SharePoint 2010 for End Users

The first session I visited at the Microsoft SharePoint Connections 2010 was an overview about new functions for end users in SharePoint 2010. It is structured in the six fields of SharePoint 2010:

1. Sites

2. Communities

3. Content

4. Search

5. Insights

6. Composites


· Enhanced User Experience with the Ribbon (known from Office 2007 and 2010) and SharePoint Workspace

· Anywhere Access (mobile access, Office Web Applications, Cross Browser support, offline Access with SharePoint Workspace

· Single Plattform


· Informal Knowledge (User Feedback, pervasive Tagging, rating system, Noteboard for discussions for Sites and Documents)

· Social connections (enhanced MySite, news feeds, alerts)

· Participation anywhere (work online or offline, mobile User Interface, social context)


· User centric (content metadata and tagging, rapid creation and publishing of web content)

· Enterprise wide taxonomies, cross farm policies and rules for all content types

· Views: different Views for Subfolders are now possible

· Saving Documents: only changes are send back to the server

· Drop off Library: Save content automatically to the correct place


· Better answers and faster (relevance based on usage and history)

· Knowledge Amplification (phonetic multi lingual, interests and expertise, secure access to content in and outside of SharePoint)

· Enterprise Deployment (Search driven applications to enrich the platform)

· FAST: (Previews of the search results, total number at the criteria, …)


· Data Interaction (Analyses with Excel Services, easy sharing, data visualization)

· Decision Making (Powerful Self Service capabilities, dashboards, reports with access to millions of rows)


· User-Driven Solutions (Toolsets for End User, Visio Services, Data Validation with forms)

· Data Connectivity (Business Connectivity Services

· Solution Deployment (Sandboxed solutions, resource quota-management)

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